What do we offer in SNLP?

We do not sell any NLP courses or workshops.

Well  this may come as a surprise to many. But there are a lot of courses out there already  and a few expensive workshops that you can attend. So we don’t do that stuff.

I offer “One to One” session where I help you  overcome specific challenges you face in life, be it personal or professional.

You get to use my 10 + years of experience in NLP without going through a bunch of books or days of workshops.

So rather than learn a bunch of words or memories a ” technique” you can simply focus on getting the results you are looking for. isn’t that easier?

So let me do all the heavy lifting of the  ‘ Strategy” and “Techniques”, you just bring in your desired goal   and willingness to try something new. ( and your wallet of course :-))

I am exclusively available in Bangalore and best time to schedule a session is Saturday and Sundays. Appointments are necessary.

You can reach me on 888 a4728b 555 ( remove a and b)


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What on earth is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP in short was created in a search for a better way to recreate excellence. Simply put Richard Bandler and John Grinder were searching for the process through which people were able to get outstanding results in their area of work.
The most famous people they modeled include Milton Erickson, sometimes referred to as the father of modern Hypnotherapy, Virginia Satir, a very successful family counselor and Fritz Perls, the person who started the Gestalt Therapy.

Apart from these three people, Bandler and Grinder modeled a lot of successful Businessmen, Military recruiters and salesmen who had very high success ratio. They interviewed thousands of people paying special attention to people who have successfully overcome bad habits phobias and severe trauma.
Unlike psychology which studies what is wrong with a person, Neuro Linguistic Programming evolved out of a process in which Bandler and Grinder studied how people over came problems and became better, just quite opposite to what the conventional theory based psychology does.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not a Thesis or a theory, but it is like a tool box using which a complex structure of excellence can be broken down into smaller, doable chunks. It focuses on the process of excellence asking the question how rather than be bothered with a lot of time being spent on why.
Part of its success lies in the fact that it respects an individual and believes that we all have all the resources that we need. These were called presuppositions of  Neuro Linguistic Programming. It can be understood as axioms or useful beliefs which can help us in using Neuro Linguistic Programming effectively.

Bandler and Grinder also studied language extensively. Their primary focus was on Gregory Bateson’s Transformational grammar and Noam Chomsky’s universal grammar. Coupled with this, they used the language patterns used by exceptional communicators like Erickson and created the idea of Nested loops and unconscious learning which makes learning faster and fun.
The Duo of Bandler and Grinder were also supported by a team of students and friends in the Santa Cruz University.Primary among them were Robert Dilts, Steve and Connie-Rai Andreas and Leslie Cameroon Bandler, Richard’s first wife.

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Welcome to Simple NLP

Welcome to the land of possibilities. Here at SNLP-India we take pride in the fact that we can reach all who seeks solution and help them out. The core purpose of this website is to help you realize how NLP can impact your life and help you in living to your fullest.
Visit us often while you discover how the power of your mind can help you become aware of new possibilities. As you begin to notice how you are able to pick up subtle changes happening in your environment, this site will give tips and techniques to hone those skills. Don’t be too surprised when you realize how easy it is to master NLP because NLP is very simple.

If you are unfamiliar with this science, congratulations. Luckily, you have stumbled upon to the right site for information. NLP is a technology which does not require you to be a PhD to use it effectively as you may have realized already. It is an Attitude supported by a methodology.
Some of our thoughts are really good and some are not and the key to good living is constantly choosing the good one and joining our forum to meet like minded people while you happily participate in the discussion to realize how you can enrich your life.

Warning: If you don’t want to enjoy your life fully and completely, if you don’t want to have richer experiences and a satisfying life, don’t come here often.

As a warm-up, try this exercise:
Sit up straight and notice where in your body you feel the greatest pleasure? Notice each body part and compare the pleasure level. Yes your body knows what pleasure is. Go ahead; become aware of the body part which feels the greatest pleasure.

When you find that part, notice how pleasure starts in that place, where it goes. Does it have a circular motion? Or counter clockwise?

Now that you have found how it moves, speed up that movement. Double it and double it again. Notice how your pleasure magnifies to all parts of your body.

Enjoy this feeling

If you did not feel any of that pleasure, it was because you were too busy reading and thinking about the exercise than do it. The key to happy living is very simple.

Stop thinking so much.
Just Do It!!!!
Please note that we use language in the most useful way on this site rather than grammatically correct one, so you may find some things that you may frown upon. The key is to focus on the usefulness rather than frown.

Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and feedback.

Dare to enjoy life,

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