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HypnoRelax – Experimental Hypnosis Class

by Srihari on November 14, 2012

Stressed out from daily grind?
want to know how you can keep stress at bay all week long?
Come join us for this experimental class to discover how to use hypnosis to reduce stress in your life.

Side effects include deep sleep and mental peace.

No previous experience Necessary. Come in with an open mind and sense of Humor and discover the simple way in which you can take control of your life.

Since this is an experimental group we will be focusing on using Hypnosis than teaching about it. Less theory more drills… Bring a friend along and see how much fun Hypnosis can be !!!

Entry charge of Rs.350 per person. if you come as two its Rs.600.

This session is limited to 10 people max.

Important : we start at 10 AM if you are late, you cannot join in the group.


What is NLP?

by Srihari on July 29, 2012

What on earth is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP in short was created in a search for a better way to recreate excellence. Simply put Richard Bandler and John Grinder were searching for the process through which people were able to get outstanding results in their area of work.


The most famous people they modeled include Milton Erickson, sometimes referred to as the father of modern Hypnotherapy, Virginia Satir, a very successful family counselor and Fritz Perls, the person who started the Gestalt Therapy.

Apart from these three people, Bandler and Grinder modeled a lot of successful Businessmen, Military recruiters and salesmen who had very high success ratio. They interviewed thousands of people paying special attention to people who have successfully overcome bad habits phobias and severe trauma.

Unlike psychology which studies what is wrong with a person, Neuro Linguistic Programming evolved out of a process in which Bandler and Grinder studied how  people over came problems  and became better, just quite opposite to what the conventional theory based psychology does.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not a Thesis or a theory, but it is like a tool box using which a complex structure of excellence can be broken down into smaller, doable chunks. It focuses on the process of excellence asking the question how rather than be bothered with a lot of time being spent on why.

Part of its success lies in the fact that it respects an individual and believes that we all have all the resources that we need. These were called presuppositions of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It can be understood as axioms or useful beliefs which can help us in using Neuro Linguistic Programming effectively.


Bandler and Grinder also studied language extensively. Their primary focus was on Gregory Bateson, transformational grammar and Noam Chomsky’s universal grammar.  Coupled with this, they used the language patterns used by exceptional communicators like Erickson and created the idea of Nested loops and unconscious learning which makes learning faster and fun.


The Duo of Bandler and Grinder were also supported by a team of students and friends in the Santa Cruz University.Primary among them were Robert Dilts, Steve and Connie-Rai Andreas and Leslie Cameroon Bandler, Richard’s first wife.


NLP Session

June 2, 2012

Hello, Welcome to our Home. Here you will find answer to most of your questions about  our NLP sessions. Listen to an important message below. Welcome to SNLP For over past 5 years we have been working with individuals and groups helping them solve their mental barrier and enjoy a happier life. we have compiled […]

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