3 Easy ways to build self-esteem

Everyone loves to have a good one. No one knows where to get it from. There is no quick pill to a better self-image. It is a slow and deliberate process. If you are looking for a short cut use it along with some snake oil and see if ti works faster.

All jokes aside, I have seen the effect of low self-esteem on people and it is not a pretty picture.

So how do you improve it?

Simple Answer: You need to recondition your mind to look at the good internal images and stay away from your ‘bad’ internal images.existing internal images. So every time you peek inside you only see the bright and happy self.

Understandable right?

But how do you do it in the real world?  Here are a few tried and tested techniques to improve your self-esteem.

Visualise yourself brimming with confidence.

Practice makes you a perfect man. Visualising the desired outcome is one of the most effective ways of building self-esteem. Almost all top athletes mentally see themselves succeeding much before their grand success in the outside world.So take a few minutes every day and visualise yourself as a successful man/woman. Get into nitty gritty details about what you are wearing, where you are and what you see around you. Do this once or twice daily.

Identify and Build on your Existing Strength

If you have a hobby or a sport that you enjoy, relish the moments you spend in that sport. Sitting on your couch and watching TV is not considered as a hobby. You need to do something physical. Relish and savour the moments that you enjoy this activity. The more you enjoy yourself the better. Begin to notice how good you feel about yourself.  The more you notice, the better you feel.

Watch your self-talk.

Self-talk is the chatter happens inside your mind. Self-talk usually starts when you are making a decision or when your brain is distracted. Some people engage in self-talk immediately after taking a decision. In any case, the foremost step is to become aware of what you say to yourself. Surprisingly, most people beat themselves up in that chat.

When you are not a good friend to yourself, how can you expect others to be so?

Notice how you speak to yourself and if it is negative, stop dead on your track and willfully change that thought. It will be hard in the beginning.It will take some time and effort but yields the best results.

Instead of telling yourself “you screwed up that last test”,  try telling “you could have done better in that test and here is how….”

And here is the funny part… it does not matter what you put after the “here is how…” This works and works wonders because instead of ending the conversation on a negative note you are redirecting your brain to search for ways to improve.  Can you imagine how effective this will be?


One last thing.

It is not necessary to know a hundred techniques to get good at this. Learn a few and master them. Do not spend time analysing. Get started today and keep using one of the techniques every day and notice how much you change over a period of time.