How to feel Good?

I’ve got a question for you,
where are you feeling the greatest amount of pleasure, right now? Where in your body do you feel it?

Whenever I ask this question, I get a blank stare.

But when I ask where do you feel pain? the answer is almost instantaneous.
For a long time, our body has been conditioned to recognise pain more than pleasure.

Right from our childhood, we are trained by marking our mistakes in red while the good things go unnoticed on our exam papers. Our parents scolded or even beat us when we did something wrong. Bad behaviour was noticed and reprimanded faster than good behaviour was acknowledged. This conditioning spreads into other areas of our lives. We get trained to “Not make mistakes”.

How does this impact us?

When I ask what would you like to work on, clients usually say “I don’t want to do ….”.
Avoiding pain is a good thing. But you cannot do much in life if you focus only on ‘not making mistakes’ or ‘avoiding pain’. The focus needs to shift towards “I want to do xx” or ” I want to accomplish yyy by so and so date”
I want to help you to not only walk away from pain but, I want to shift your focus to walking towards pleasure.
So the next time I ask you ‘where in your body do you feel the greatest pleasure right now’, you will have an answer.

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