How to feel Good?

I’ve got a question for  you, where are you feeling the greatest amount pleasure, right now? Where in your body do you feel it?

95% of the time I have asked this question, I get a blank stare.

But when I ask where do you feel pain? the answer is almost always instantaneous.

For far too long now our body has been conditioned to recognise pain more than pleasure.

Right from our childhood, we are trained by marking our mistakes in red while the good things go unnoticed on our exam papers. Our parents would scold or even whoop us well when we do something wrong.Bad behaviour was noticed and reprimanded faster than good behaviour was acknowledged. This conditioning spreads into other areas of our lives gradually. So much so that we are often in the race to ”Not make mistakes”  than to do good due to the repercussions that follow mistakes.

How does this impact us?

When I ask someone what would you like to do in a session, they typically tend to say ” I don’t want to ….”.

Our whole life we have been programmed to walk away from painful issues and mistakes.I certainly do not mean to guide you towards pain. But this walking away from pain does not necessarily mean walking towards pleasure. and this is what we are aiming to accomplish.

Using NLP you will not only walk away from pain, but walk towards pleasure.

So the next time if I ask you where in your body are you feeling the greatest pleasure right now, you will have an answer.

To learn how to tune into your body and mind towards pleasure. Book your NLP session today.